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Mount Watatic

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 An 1800 foot mountain on the border of Massachusetts and New Hampshire.




This loop trail covers almost four miles round trip. The first half is perhaps the most interesting, with large boulders, steep slopes, and an excellent set of views. The second half offers some strange trees on undulating ridge terrain, good views from neighboring Nutting Hill and then dives into the forest again. Crossing to the Midstate Trail, the sights become more common and the trail is simply a forest trail with no outlooks.

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A foreground forest with a forested hill beyond, under a crisp blue sky. A vastly aged and knobbly tan/grey tree trunk with an irregular coating of moss, shattered by a large and zig-zag crack. A loosely piled grey stone wall with bright green forest beyond and brilliant sapphire sky above. Sue can barely be seen as she descends a tan and grey stoned path amidst dwarfed trees with yellow green foliage. A spray of green and rust leaves to the left, with an expanse of shiny grey rock to the right. A pine cone sits in a wide channel grooved into the rock.

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