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Leafy or evergreen trees taller than you are.


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Imp Face Loop

A foreground cliff and trees with the massive cone of Mt. Madison rising against a clear sky beyond.
A gentle start with a steep final climb to an exposed summit cliff. Fine views, and an extended descent.

Penwood Park / Metacomet Trail

A wide trail between dark trees.
The Metacomet is one of several trails through Penwood Park.

Shining Wall

A huge slab of rock, greyish, mottled with maroon, extends from the upper left. Beyond, the forest shares the slope. Tiny figures to the lower right provide scale.
A two hundred foot slab perched halfway up a mountain, with water seeping down its surface.

Special Trees

An array of trees, sidelit by the sun to the right, one of them huge, old and gnarly.
Any kind of interesting trees on our journeys.

Such as…

...Damaged Trees
...Gnarly Trees
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